For Sale:- BGM220P Evaluation Kit, Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Communication

For sale:- 1 x BGM220P evaluation board. I bought it last year for a project I'm not working on anymore. I only started exploring the board when the project was canceled so the connections have hardly been used.

The link to the BGM220P explorer kit datasheet is given below:-


Explorer kit for BGM220 is an excellent starting point to familiarize yourself with the BGM220P module and Silicon Labs embedded Bluetooth stack. It also provides the necessary tools for developing a Silicon Labs wireless application. The board contains an onboard J-Link debugger with a packet trace interface and a virtual COM port, enabling application development and debugging of the onboard BGM220.


- BGM220P wireless Gecko PCB module with 512KB flash, 32KB RAM

- Fully integrated chip antenna, RF matching network, crystals, decoupling capacitors (BGM220PC22HNA2)

- SEGGER J-Link on-board debugger

- Packet trace interface

- Virtual COM port

- User LEDs / pushbuttons

- 20-pin 2.54mm EXP header

- Breakout pads aligned with breadboard dimensions

- mikroBus socket

- Qwiic connector

- 1x USB type A to micro-USB cable (in above photos)

*For sale in the EU only*

*This page will be deleted once a sale is completed*

Price (exclusive of postage) = €20

Postage = €2

There is only one available for sale.

Payment can be made by using the above PayPal button.

Please use the comment section below to check for availability and don't forget to leave your delivery address when paying.

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